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Layer0 brings the simplicity and speed benefits of Jamstack to large-scale eCommerce websites. Layer0 combines all the functionality developers need to develop, deploy, preview, experiment on, monitor, and run the frontend. We support all major JavaScript frameworks including: Vue, React, Angular, Next, Nuxt, Vue Storefront, React Storefront, and many more.
Layer0 is the only platform to enable sub-second pageloads for database-driven websites (e.g. eCommerce and Travel). Additionally, Layer0 simplifies development workflows and eliminates devops, by putting the code in the center of the workflow. Layer0 also includes a built-in CDN that understands your JavaScript code and an easy-to-use Serverless tier to power APIs and server-side rendering for all major frameworks.

We power over $10B in annual commerce. Sites on the XDN include Kate Spade, REVOLVE, Sharper Image, and Shoe Carnival.

Description of the Integration

Layer0 gives commercetools merchants the ability to easily develop, deploy, preview, experiment on, monitor, and run their frontend.

With the Layer0 commercetools merchants can…

  • Achieve sub-second page loads

  • Preview every commit live

  • Configure the edge within your application

  • Experiment, A/B test, and canary deploy without sacrificing speed

  • Have unlimited scale with zero devops