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The leading enterprise AI search, merchandising and personalization solution
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At Attraqt our purpose is to help the World’s best Retailers & Brands power & deliver exceptional shopping experiences. We achieve this by combining and augmenting the power of smart automation with human creativity and inspiration. 
For the past twenty years, we have pioneered innovation in the ecommerce experience by combining state-of-the-art technology with the expertise and support needed to maximize the return of investment. Today, we help over 300 Global brands deliver exceptional shopping experiences to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.
The pace of ecommerce change is fast. The world’s leading retailers require flexible, smart solutions built on Machine Learning innovation that seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures.
Attraqt Fredhopper Discovery Platform is a leading enterprise AI search, merchandising and personalization solution to orchestrate the entire customer journey.

Main Features

Search: Getting the customers to the products and content they want quickly, accurately and easily by using a combination of linguistic search and AI search to handle any type of search query. Search results can also be controlled with curational controls which gives site merchandisers the ability to blend powerful business rules with the very latest AI capability to create a unique experience for the customer.

Navigation/Filter: A customer needs to be able to refine and filter results without being overwhelmed and we provide dynamic and highly configurable faceted navigation to enable this. 

Categories: Product categories can be highly controlled using a combination of data-driven automation and human curation

Brand Content: An exceptional shopping experience is not just about products, as it should also include highly engaging content. This can be driven in a number of different ways including content search, banners and promotions as well as specific product campaigns.

Product: When we get further down the discovery funnel, we provide a vast array of capabilities to provide highly relevant cross and up-sells, including 1:1 personalization, segment-based recommendations, AI driven shop the look or visually similar, again all controllable with business merchandising logic.

Basket, Checkout, Email: As we narrow further down to purchase, we can continue to cross and up-sell intelligently and even provide personalization into email campaigns, providing further opportunities to connect and engage with your customers.

Our solution has helped Retailers & Brands:

  • Power eCommerce websites up to £3bn in sales

  • Increase Conversion rates by up to 25%

  • Enhance Average order values by up to 20%

  • Achieve Merchandising productivity gains of 40%

  • Reach a Global audience in 40+ languages

Description of the Integration

For clients wanting to leverage the benefits of Attraqt and commercetools, two elements are required for integration, catalog data into Attraqt and a query response into commercetools.

This integration automates the catalog data element pulling data from commercetools on a scheduled basis. The front-end integration is a manual task requiring the client/their agency to implement Attraqt’s server responses.