Headless Loyalty Platform – Enterprise SaaS Version

Cloud-based Headless Loyalty System – International Ready; API-based; Quick Setup & Low Operating Cost
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The Currency Alliance Global Loyalty Platform allows enterprise clients to quickly set up a new loyalty program, or simply connect an existing legacy loyalty program to the commercetools ecosystem. The API-first platform supports every country/fiat currency/character set by default and integration typically takes less than 2 days. Loyalty functionality integrates seamlessly into your own customer-facing websites, Apps, as well as 3rd party platforms such as marketplaces, social media, etc.
In addition to operating your own points/miles, Currency Alliance offers a marketplace of many airlines, hotel groups, coalitions, banks, and other potential partners that can issue your points, or you can offer customers their points (directly or via exchange).
There is no CapEx or License Fee to get started, and no monthly minimums or recurring maintenance fees. Pay only a 2% transaction fee based on the value of loyalty points issued or redeemed. This will typically work out to 0.02% of gross sales – so almost nothing.

Description of the Integration

The Currency Alliance Headless Loyalty Platform operates as a cloud-based service residing with Amazon Web Services. Data can be stored with the application or distributed behind a client’s firewall.

The REST API can only be accessed by a fully-encrypted connection from known clients using keys. Within the API are about 30 endpoints that are each highly optimized for specific loyalty use cases – which means clients don´t have to build specific functionality in their own environment to complete any type of loyalty points accrual (earn), exchange, or redemption (spend) transaction.

Loyalty transactions can take place as a byproduct of purchase transactions on the commercetools platform, as well as via any other online systems or offline retail locations so that the loyalty program can be deployed by a client across every touchpoint they have with customers. The Management Portal is very intuitive and allows non-technical team members to manage all elements of their loyalty program.

The platform also integrates easily with CRM and Campaign Management systems from 3rd parties, so clients have all their data in one place and can easily coordinate/control all customer messaging.