Bluestone PIM

The integration makes it possible to transfer product information data and images from Bluestone PIM to commercetools.
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Bluestone PIM is the first MACH certified Product Information Management (PIM). Bluestone PIM is service targeting enterprises with a large number of SKUs ranging from thousands to millions of products. One common repository for product information where it is possible to enrich and automate tasks and quality assurance. The service integrates well with other applications based on our well documented API library.

Description of the Integration

Using events and serverless features in Bluestone PIM, we push products to the commercetools import API. The integration is available for all Bluestone PIM customers based on a subscription model. Integrations users can decide which product catalogues, category, variants, SKUs to be synced towards commercetools and regularity. It is also possible to select which attributes to sync.