Convictional Supplier Enablement Platform

The Convictional integration allows you to rapidly onboard suppliers technically and commercially to power dropship, marketplace, and wholesale relationships.


Convictional is the first Supplier Enablement Platform for retailers and distributors to power dropship, marketplace, and wholesale business models via a single one-time integration to your existing commerce systems.
Convictional supports both modern integrations via API or platform apps as well as classic integration paths like EDI and CSV.
This allows commercetools clients to rapidly source, onboard, and activate the suppliers that best meet the needs of their customers, no matter what integration approach those suppliers prefer.

Description of the Integration

Integrations between Convictional and commercetools are microservices that sync data across the two systems. The core data objects kept in sync are Products, Inventory and Orders.

Products are pulled from the merchant’s Convictional account and are a representation of all of their sellers’ marketplace products. The integration will then fetch any updates to inventory these sellers make.

Finally order information is passed from commercetools into Convictional to be split and routed among these sellers. Inventory is automatically decremented according to the order. When the sellers fulfill their orders, the integration picks up these changes and updates the order in commercetools with all of the fulfillment details and tracking information.

These integrations are built and maintained by Convictional’s ecosystem of implementation partners and our team project manages this with your merchant.