Deity is the Composable Commerce platform for enterprise growth.


Deity platform is the unique platform that encompasses both the core and the head of your composable commerce stack. In the backend, Deity gives you complete freedom to integrate with any API-based service out there, to build any feature you wish. We provide you with market-leading out-of-the box integrations to extend and we orchestrate your data for a unified experience at the frontend. On the frontend-side, you can build as many storefronts as you wish with our PWA toolkit. Fully customizable, completely flexible. Increase your conversion rate with improved page speeds, mobile first experiences and customer engagement increasing tools like push notifications, offline mode and installable apps. And batteries come included: your Deity platform including all your Deity storefronts are hosted on our ecommerce optimized cloud-native platform. Of course with instant auto scaling to handle traffic peaks, uptime SLA’s and development tools like OTAP and automated testing.

Description of the Integration

Deity's Composable Commerce platform for enterprise growth gives you full control over your shop, from frontend to backend.

The integration of commercetools and Deity contains:

Deity Middleware

Get full control over your store with Deity Middleware

Deity Middleware comes with many developer-oriented features, bringing the latest tech to the ecommerce world.

  • Customizable API Server

  • Extension layer with partial schema’s, components and API’s

  • GraphQL Schema

  • Configurable Caching and direct access to cache

  • Custom Endpoints

  • Payment Integration Layer

  • Dynamic Route Resolving

Deity PWA Storefront Toolkit

Create high-performing webshops with amazing user experience

Deity PWA Storefront is the frontend service responsible for handling the visible website that your customers will see. It comes out-of-the-box with all batteries included.

  • Deity PWA UI

  • Server Side Rendering

  • Logging & Performance Measurement

  • Dynamic Routing

  • Automated Code Splitting

  • Loadable (asynchronous) Components

  • State Management based on Apollo & React context

  • Dynamic Meta Tags

  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

  • Optimized for Performance & Lighthouse

  • Internationalization

  • Payment Integration Layer

  • Web Cache & Vendor Bundle

Out-of-the-box infrastructure

Deity is a fully hosted and extremely reliable Composable Commerce platform. With our 24/7/365 monitoring, 99.9% uptime and SLA, automated build and deploy pipelines and containerized applications which automatically scale: you never have to worry about anything anymore.