Digital Experience Engine (DX Engine TM)

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About is the pioneer of the Digital Experience Engine (DX Engine TM) that empowers marketers to orchestrate and personalize omnichannel experiences within a composable technology stack. The DX Engine TM connects with commercetools and other best of breed API-first CMSs, DAMs, and CDPs via a zero-code framework and headlessly delivers intelligent experiences to every customer touchpoint.
Visit to learn how brands and retailers use the DX Engine TM real-time decision capabilities as the brains of the overall DX stack, enabling them to adopt a truly composable architecture.

Description of the Integration

The commercetools <> integration empowers organizations to orchestrate products and content directly from commercetools alongside other content sources in your compostable technology stack - all while delivering personalized experiences for end-users across all your engagement channels.
Marketers are able to create static and dynamic components that bind to content within commercetools and seamlessly delivers them in a truly omnichannel approach for e-commerce.