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Join the move from point-to-point integration to a Single Integration Point. Use Machine learning to connect to over 70 commerce channels via a single integration. Start connecting API’s with no coding. Move to a centralised data model and view Commerce Data in realtime on a consolidated dashboard. Remove manual and dirty data challenges.
Connect to the CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite to access industry-leading technology that harnesses the power of cloud AI and Machine Learning to intelligently connect, map and automate Commerce Data at scale.
Start connecting Channel API’s with no coding.  Move from point to point integration to a Single Integration Point.  Remove time-consuming channel maintenance with our Channel Integration-as-a-Service (cPaaS). Access over 70 commerce channels via a single integration. Support new integrations in your own platform with our Headless Solution.
Remove costly integration fees use our Systems Integration-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Connect, automate and map data between your own systems in weeks not months.
View real-time mappings, channel responses, reports and alerts on a consolidated dashboard or pull into your own BI tool.

Main Features

Key features:

  • Platform agnostic System Integration: PIM, OMS, ERP, WMS

  • Many out of the box connection methods: API, database, file format, web hooks, queues

  • Easily setup real-time data syncs

  • Powerful real-time monitoring and alerts

Description of the Integration

Available Channel Integrations:

CrescoData provides out of the box integrations to the following channels:

  • Amazon

  • eBay

  • Shopee

  • Lazada

  • Catch of the Day

  • The Market

As well as digital ad feed and social channels, such as:

  • Google Shopping

  • Facebook

  • Instagram