With Chioro you refine product data, reduce manual effort, save time in product data management, increase customer experience and sales success in eCommerce.
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Chioro supports you in refining incomplete, unstructured and poor-quality product data through intelligent automations and optimally preparing it for use in e-commerce. Data from a wide variety of sources can be harmonized using powerful, rule-based processes. This guarantees a consistent and comparable presentation of products in your store - regardless of where the data comes from.
Since Chioro relies on rule-based processes, this results in a high degree of automation. For you, this means a lot of saved time and thus lower costs and a faster response to changing data.

Description of the Integration

Chioro allows the import of product data from any kind of source system via file or API, e.g. Excel catalog files provided by suppliers or an inhouse PIM system with a REST API. The import does not require knowledge of the semantics of the data.

The imported data may then be explored via a variety of analytics functions. After the exploration the processing of the data is interactively configured using operations, such as transformation, mapping, merge, etc. Chioro facilitates the preparation of the data for usage in commercetools by providing required standard attributes and allowing the access to commercetools configurations, such as categories and product type.

The data thus prepared for usage in the shop may then be transferred to commercetools via API. Once the configuration is complete the whole process (the “flow”) may then be automated so that whenever new or updated data is available at the source it is immediately available in the shop.