Loyalty Experience Platform

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform helps enterprises engage and reward customers to build lasting relationships and profits at scale.


Global enterprises need the ability to identify, engage, and reward their best customers to stay competitive. Annex Cloud’s integration with the commercetools Digital Commerce Platform enables enterprises to move beyond transaction-based relationships and create one-to-one experiences that deliver unique value with every interaction. Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform creates a 360-degree customer profile built with robust first-party data and pushes that data across the tech stack, enabling enterprises to elevate their end-to-end customer experience, create emotional bonds that drive repeat sales and reduce churn, improve margins, and deliver unique experiences on the customers’ preferred channels based on needs, preferences, behaviors, and lifestyle. Specifically, the integration includes the ability to display and leverage robust loyalty data across the buyer’s journey—including on product, category, and confirmation pages. It also enables sending personalized, data-led messaging throughout the buying process.

Description of the Integration

Annex Cloud’s Headless API-based loyalty integration with commercetools supports the following use cases:

  • Customers Earn Loyalty Points for Opting into the Loyalty Program

  • Customers Earn Loyalty Points for eCommerce Purchases Corresponding to the Chosen Loyalty Program

  • Loyalty Members Can View their Loyalty Dashboard within Their Profile, Including Points Earned and Redeemed, and Activity

  • Loyalty Members Can View the Points Required to Purchase Products on Product Category Pages

  • Loyalty Members Can View All Performed Loyalty Actions and Points Earned

  • Loyalty Members Can Easily Redeem Points by Applying a Coupon Code on the Checkout Page

  • Loyalty Members Can Convert Points to a Dollar Amount and Redeem as a Discount on the Checkout Page