SaaS solution built to create & display interactive 3D images on websites, mobile, & VR/AR apps.


Thanks to interactive 3D imagery, Cappasity brings the retail shopping experience to e-commerce. Its unique 3D View format is easily embedded into websites, mobile apps, and VR/AR applications to enhance customers’ interaction with products in online stores. This helps your clients experience total immersion and spend more time on a product page, making more confident purchase decisions.

Description of the Integration

Cappasity 3D View format can be used for various experiences, including websites, mobile & VR/AR apps. An online retailer creates 3D images of products using the Easy 3D ScanTM software and uploads them to the Cappasity platform account. Once integrated into the e-commerce website, the Cappasity PHP SDK synchronizes the retailer's catalog with the account based on matching SKU numbers. It enables the display of the required iFrame on the product page without its manual embedding for each product in the catalog.