Avatria Convert

Product Discovery Made Easy


Avatria Convert makes merchandising easy, boosting conversion on your eCommerce site by improving product findability. Our machine learning technology uses your shopping data to determine the products customers are most likely to purchase when searching or browsing, then moves those items to the top of the page. 
Spending hours in spreadsheets trying to predict this quarter's top products sucks up invaluable time. Convert gives you better results with less work by crunching the numbers on over 80 different eCommerce metrics and product attributes, creating optimal rankings for each category and search term, and then automatically pushing its rankings out to commercetools for display on your site.
The Convert effect is real. Just look at what it's done for merchants like you:
  • +10% Conversion Rate

  • +16% Revenue Per Impression

  • +14% Adds to Cart

Main Features

What Makes Convert Different:

  • Fast, Easy Implementation: Convert integrates with commercetools and Google Analytics to minimize the development required. This allows us to offer an unmatched time to value, with setup possible in minutes, and results in as little as a few days.

  • Sophisticated Data Analysis, At Scale: Convert studies over 80 different eCommerce metrics and product attributes, determining which are most useful for predicting future performance. Normalizing data allows for effective comparisons between products with different histories and levels of visibility.

  • Model Management Tools: Customize Convert to your needs with an industry-best set of machine learning model management tools. Create and refine ranking models by adjusting goals, targeting specific departments, incorporating custom data, adding personalization, or applying manual override rules.

  • Leverages Historical Data: Integrating with your existing data platform doesn’t just make Convert easier to set up. It means that all that data you’ve been collecting is valuable on day one. Get high-quality results out of the box, and rethink how long it should take you to see a positive ROI.

  • Advanced Search Analytics: Get deeper insights into the performance of your search engine with Convert’s one-of-a-kind search accuracy analytics. These unique reports help you understand the overall effectiveness of your search engine, identify underperforming queries, and study the impact configuration changes have on performance.

  • 90-Day Free Trial: See the results for yourself. We offer a 90-day free trial to all new customers, during which we’ll run an A/B test to prove the effect Convert will have on your site. That way, you know exactly how much Convert is worth.

Description of the Integration

Avatria Convert leverages functionality already available in commercetools to implement our rankings on your site. Whether you are interested in search or browse optimization, our solution allows us to leverage existing attributes or position values to inject our rankings into the result set.

Improve Conversion In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Connect Your Google Analytics Account: Seamless integration at the click of a button ensures your data stays synchronized with Avatria Convert.

  2. Generate Avatria Convert Rankings: Convert's model looks at over 80 metrics, conducting complex calculations to predict which products will drive the most customer purchases.

  3. Integrate Rankings Into Your Site: Convert integrates with commercetools in minutes, allowing it to account for changes in your customers' behavior and automatically re-prioritize your products accordingly.

What is Avatria Convert?