Contentful is the next-generation content platform to build digital experiences at scale.
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Content is at the heart of every digital experience. As companies transform into digital factories, they need to modernize their content operations to ship products faster and deliver a steady flow of content.
Contentful is a content platform. It lets you create, manage and distribute content to any channel.  Unlike traditional CMSes, Contentful gives you total freedom to create your own content model so you can decide which content you want to manage. Contentful is built to work well with your agile stack, giving developers the tools they need to build any type of app for any device, quickly and efficiently. Content creators can build their own pages and update content in parallel with development for maximum speed to market.
Contentful provides you RESTful and GraphQL APIs so you can deliver your content across multiple channels such as websites, mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or any other platform you can imagine (from Google Glass to infinity). With an uncluttered user interface, Contentful is an efficient tool for creating and managing your content online, either alone or in team.
The possibilities are endless: spin up seasonal lookbooks as quickly as trends are made or seamlessly link product catalogs to customer segments. Enrich product information with marketing messages to decrease cart abandonment and increase lifetime customer value.

Description of the Integration

The commercetools app for Contentful lets editors easily add products, variants and/or categories directly from their commercetools account and reference it in Contentful entries.

Products and categories can be previewed via the Contentful web app, simplifying workflows for content editors. This enables them to use the latest products and categories across retail sites and experiences.