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Algolia provides an API-platform for dynamic experiences enabling companies to predict intent and deliver results.
With its API-first approach, Algolia enables developers and business teams with an advanced suite of tools to surface relevant content when wanted, build and optimize online experiences that drive customer engagement, increase conversion rates, and enrich lifetime value to generate growth. It is trusted by over 10,000 customers serving over 100+B search queries per month.
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Main Features

Our Solutions:

Algolia Predict - Learn from all actions performed by a user in their current session to deliver real-time, user intent predictions that can be leveraged in Algolia Search, Algolia Recommend, or other platforms.

Algolia Search - Power every step of your customers’ journey, whether in the search bar or through navigation, category pages, landing pages, and more. And create dynamic, relevant experiences by adapting the content to the user, through real-time intent predictions using Algolia Predict and Personalization.

Algolia Recommend - Combined with Algolia Predict, it enables you to showcase accurate content to each customer based on their intent and unique interactions with your , including the page they are viewing and products in their shopping cart.

Description of the Integration

Algolia provides a set of API endpoints and libraries to allow you to quickly and easily connect Commercetools to Algolia. There are three distinct steps:


Listen for product additions, updates, or deletions in commercetools and package the payload to be sent to Algolia.

You will need to have your own middleware running to receive the events from commercetools e.g. AWS SNS and Lambda and then you can parse the messages for transmission to Algolia through our indexing endpoints. Commercetools emits events in the form of a subscription.

Building search UI

Add Algolia to your frontend in order to fetch and display results according to intent.

Leverage our open source frontend UI libraries provided by Aloglia called Instantsearch.

  • Open source UI components to jumpstart UI development

  • Available in all flavours of Javascript, and native mobile

  • If you can’t do frontend, you can use an API client i.e. JS.

Sending Events

Send events to Algolia e.g. add to cart, order placed etc. to optimise results using capabilities like dynamic re-ranking and personalisation.

When sending events, please make sure to add a usertoken as this ensures personalisation can be effective.


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