Amplience - eComm Toolkit

Map core commerce information from commercetools into Amplience automatically

Product Description

The Amplience eComm Toolkit removes the “swivel chair“ approach between Amplience Dynamic Content (CMS) and commercetools, creating a single place for business teams to create fast, relevant and personalized commerce experiences.

 The easy to deploy extension maps three core commerce functions from commercetools into Amplience automatically, creating a faster, better experience for business users. With this extension, users no longer have to continuously switch between platforms to copy/paste information, content production time is reduced, and any potential for human error is removed. 

Integration Description

The eComm Toolkit maps the following commerce functions:  

·        Category Mapping

Maps commerce categories from the commerce platform into Amplience,  automatically pulling in category IDs and category display names. Business users can then easily edit components of navigation structure or hierarchies in detail, without referencing commercetools.

·        Product Mapping

Enables users to search and select single or multiple products from the commercetools to populate a content item in Amplience. This makes it easy to build product carousels or populate a curated product listing page, without having to flip back and refernce commercetools. The search is populated based on product IDs, keyword or categorization.

·        Content Personalization Mapping  

Maps user groups/segments from commercetools into Amplience, making it easy for business users to create personalized content experiences by pulling targeted user segments, without having to flip back and reference information in commercetools.

Implementation instructions can be found in the GitHub links and is free for customers. The eComm Toolkit was developed by Amplience.

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