Eagle Eye Loyalty Connect

Allows retailers to effortlessly craft innovative, personalized loyalty and promotion programs across all channels at scale, with discounts and rewards issued in real-time for a seamless customer experience.


Our ‘plug and play’, API first platform has been designed specifically for the retail sector and serves to solve key challenges for retailers: delivering personalization at scale through innovative use cases, across all channels, securely and at lightning speed.

Excitingly for retailers, our integration to commercetools means they can leverage the tried and tested Eagle Eye Cloud-Based Adjudication engine on their online commerce platforms, seamlessly merging their online and in-store loyalty and promotional schemes. This integration ensures a genuine omnichannel experience for customers, fostering a unified and dynamic personalized shopping journey with real-time rewards and discounts.

Our simple to use platform enables non-technical users to effortlessly execute an endless range of personalized marketing strategies, including loyalty programs, promotions, subscriptions, gifting, top-up programs, gamification and more.

Integration Description

Our API first approach means integrating Eagle Eye with commercetools is easy. Once synced, our Cloud-Based Basket Adjudication engine unlocks the potential of real-time personalization through perfectly crafted APIs that calculate any valid offers, rewards or entitlements present in a customer’s wallet at checkout - then adjust the basket total in less than 250ms.

Integration Details:

- Built as a commercetools Connect connector.

- Open-Sourced code repository so you can tailor perfectly to your use cases

Primary Use Cases:

- Customers:

  • Basket Level Discount and Point coupons

  • Item Level Discount and Point coupons

  • Targeted offers to my loyalty wallet

  • Open offers available to everyone in the loyalty scheme.

  • Promotion codes for both basket and item-level promotions for both loyalty and non-loyalty customers

  • Shipping discounts

- Retailers:

  • Centralized setup of loyalty rewards and discounts for in-store and online offers

  • Centralized adjudication engine so the same experience is received both online and in-store.

  • Locking and Redemption of offers once the awards have been applied to customers to prevent fraud and mal-redemption