Connects commercetools with China's digital channels such as WeChat via its unified integration layer

ChatLabs - Product Description

China's complex, vast digital ecosystem requires a unique set of capabilities and channel integrations to truly capture the opportunities of the worlds biggest ecommerce market.
The ChatLabs platform in combination with commercetools enables the rapid deployment of best practice experiences for this market.
It offers an extensive list of capabilities and integrations such as:
  • Pre-integrated Social Media channels such as WeChat

  • An innovative social-native digital storefront experience

  • Personalisation based on social behavioural signals

  • Customer journey orchestration

  • Chinese payment methods (WechatPay, AliPay, UnionPay)

  • Chinese Fullfillment options

  • Social data collection

  • Re-targeting options via Social or domestic SMS

  • China Privacy compliance functions   

ChatLabs - Integration Description

ChatLabs understands that composable development teams are tasked with fast paced delivery and need to be able to add or replace Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) as needed, reducing time to value and eliminating vendor lock.
ChatLabs has created composable PBCs across the range of China Integrations from payment to personalization. Composable development teams can rapidly assemble PBCs from commercetools and ChatLabs to create an end-to-end China commerce experience, while providing best in class experiences.
ChatLabs offers APIs in the areas of CDP, Payment Gateways, Consent, DSAR, PBAC, CMS, Messaging, Experience Management, Scoring, Service, Marketing, Tagging, Identity Unification and Clienteling.
ChatLabs provides management portals for administration and technical configuration of the platform.

Integration Architecture