Zocalo by Avatria


Purpose of the solution

The Digital Commerce landscape is at an inflection point. Companies that modernize are leapfrogging their competition. Zocalo helps companies achieve their objectives faster and at lower costs by providing a comprehensive framework for modernization. It allows companies to focus their resources on differentiators that create real value for their customers. If your company relies on any of the following use cases it will benefit significantly from using Zocalo:

  • B2C

  • B2B

  • B2B2C

  • Multi-Brand

  • Global

  • Micro-sites

  • Customer Portals

Composition of the Accelerator

As a comprehensive framework for modernization Zocalo offers the vast majority of what you need to modernize your digital ecosystem. Zocalo provides the storefront upon which your customers will shop, APIs that surface deep capabilities enabled by your internal systems/other technologies and orchestrates communication between systems. Zocalo is comprised of:

Responsive Digital Storefront: Zocalo ships with a responsive digital storefront that delivers all use cases enabled by our Experience API. Zocalo is an API-first, headless solution (i.e. MACH) and allows experiences to be built on any web enabled application, interface, or system.

Experience API: The central component of Zocalo are APIs that enable hundreds of capabilities to be syndicated to any customer channel. The Experience API serves as a hub where the business logic that differentiates a company can be housed, thereby unlocking a wide variety of use cases.

Plugins & Adapters: Zocalo orchestrates communication between customer channels and internal and/or third-party technology providers. It ships with multiple plugins and adapters that enable a comprehensive customer experience backed by data delivered in real-time.

Benefits of the solution

In addition to unlocking virtually any customer channel and accommodating a myriad of use cases Zocalo offers the following benefits:

  1. Feature Rich: Zocalo is a feature-rich accelerator containing hundreds of capabilities and including but not limited to advanced capabilities serving complex use cases like B2B.

  2. Faster Time to Market: Companies experience a 40-60% faster time to market than they otherwise would have had they not used an accelerator like Zocalo.

  3. No License Fees: Zocalo is totally free and we offer it to you as a means of accelerating and de-risking your migration. This allows us to efficiently deliver value to you.

  4. No Minimum Term: Companies are not locked into a minimum license term and can manage how they see fit without penalty.

  5. Affordable to Staff: Zocalo is built on a modern tech stack including React and Java Spring, affordable skillsets that are readily available worldwide and require no specialization.

  6. Flexible Ways to Manage: Whether you want to self-manage, have Avatria manage, or leverage a hybrid model, we have the right support options available to your team.

  7. More Cost Effective: It is because of these reasons that it is significantly more cost effective to use Zocalo to accelerate your modernization.

High Level Architecture