ShopApp by Brand New Galaxy


Purpose of the solution

ShopApp is a template Mobile Storefront Application working on any smartphone with iOS or Android, downloadable from mobile stores. ​It’s a native, mobile-first solution, that brings digital sales to a new level. ​ If the client has working browser-based E-commerce, it will not require any changes to an existing solution, almost effortless on the client side.

Composition of the Accelerator

ShopApp is a state-of-the-art application employing modern cloud infrastructure and software development tools. It uses Terraform for infrastructure as code and Kubernetes for orchestration, facilitating automated, resilient deployments through robust CI/CD pipelines. The app embraces a marketplace model, serving a diverse customer base with scalable features.

Built on a hexagonal microservices architecture, ShopApp efficiently manages resources, ensuring stability and scalability. It uses queues for asynchronous processing and OAuth for secure authentication, emphasizing user data protection.

The frontend, crafted with Flutter, offers a cohesive cross-platform experience for iOS and Android from a unified codebase. This approach leverages Flutter's capabilities for a smooth user interface and functionality.

Secure API communication is achieved with JWT for stateless authentication, enhanced by Keycloak's identity management services. Stripe integration ensures PCI-compliant payment processing, safeguarding transactional data.

Analytics and monitoring are conducted through Firebase, which also handles crash reporting and app distribution for testing phases. Google Analytics provides additional user interaction insights.

Code collaboration and versioning are streamlined via Bitbucket, supporting the development team's workflow. ShopApp's infrastructure provides a secure, efficient, and user-centric shopping experience, with a focus on continuous improvement and quality delivery.

Benefits of the solution

ShopApp is very fast in execution of mCommerce comparing to development from scratch​. The application is ready for the customer in 12 - 16 weeks weeks of customization. As a native aplication it's better for mobile than any PWA, browser-based solution. You don't have to worry about missing any important E-commerce functionalities. ShopApp has them all: payments, digital wallets, multichannel customer communication and many more.​


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