Rocket by kernpunkt Digital


Purpose of the solution

Rocket Accelerator is geared towards customers that want to benefit from a composable architecture without starting from scratch. It provides a preselection of components and operating model that greatly accelerates any commerce project by both providing best practices and decision blueprints as well as out of the box components.

Composition of the Accelerator

Rocket accelerator uses commercetools composable commerce at its core and provides provides an out of the box integration with Algolia, Contentful as well as a template set based on next.js commerce. Alternative or additional software components can be integrated according to the customers preferences (such as a different headless CMS, etc.). The solution comes ready to be deployed using a variety of serverless operations providers such as Vercel, Netlify, AWS or Azure.

Benefits of the solution

With Rocket, the client gets a pre-setup solution based on an established and proved architecture used in a multitude of successful client projects at kernpunkt. With its provided integrations and setup it greatly reduces time-to-market/-value and implementation times as well as reduced project risks.