Orium’s Mobile Commerce Accelerator


Purpose of the solution

Orium’s Mobile Commerce Accelerator is purpose-built by the leaders in composable commerce to enhance how retail and commerce brands — especially convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants — connect with their customers. Tailored for large enterprises, this solution leverages React Native to offer a scalable and personalized shopping journey across customer touchpoints so you can reward customers for every transaction. By combining proven front-end architecture, a commerce-oriented UI library, and out-of-the-box support for best-in-class technologies, brands can achieve faster time-to-value than ever before. Create new experiences, deliver a loyalty program, simplify consumer touchpoints, and anticipate buying behaviors, all while giving your team complete control.

Composition of the Accelerator

Orium's Mobile Commerce Accelerator features a decoupled architecture, utilizing React Native for the mobile frontend and Google Firebase for the backend, with the flexibility to substitute the backend platform as needed. This setup ensures a clear division: the frontend handles the user interface and interaction, and the backend manages most of the business logic, core functions, and integrations.

Alongside a ready-to-deploy commercetools integration, Orium’s accelerator incorporates Algolia for search and Contentful for content management. With Algolia, you get an integration to keep product indices up-to-date with commercetools data in near real-time. And through Contentful, the accelerator takes advantage of React Native Paper, providing your team with a collection of ready-to-use components such as banners, article cards, product cards, and product carousels, including corresponding content models configured in Contentful to speed up and simplify content production.

Additionally, the accelerator employs Expo to further enhance the development lifecycle. Expo offers tools for rapid prototyping, immediate updates, and efficient deployment. This combination not only streamlines app development but also guarantees a robust, scalable solution capable of adapting to changing business needs and technologies.

Benefits of the solution

Empowering retail and commerce brands with a comprehensive, ready-to-deploy commerce platform, Orium’s Mobile Commerce Accelerator leverages React Native and a MACH-based architecture to bring unique on-the-go digital experiences to life. A decoupled architecture between the mobile frontend and backend simplifies frontend development work and centralizes business logic in the backend, improving flexibility, agility, and scalability. With a proven UX commerce library and pre-integrations from best-in-class technologies including commercetools, Firebase, Contentful, Algolia and more, Orium’s accelerator helps brands derisk their mobile offering while speeding time to market. Deliver a complete shopping experience to customers faster, and engage them with contextual experiences that meet them when, where, and how they want.


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