O2’s B2B commercetools accelerator


Purpose of the solution

O2’s B2B commercetools accelerator serves as a robust commerce solution designed to empower mid to large enterprises in optimizing their B2B commerce operations.

Focused on achieving faster time-to-market and increased ROI, the accelerator offers a pre-configured framework and a suite of advanced tools. It leverages the flexibility of MACH architecture, enabling companies to effortlessly scale operations, manage intricate workflows, and handle extensive product catalogs.

  • Mastering complexity, delivering simplicity: we empower businesses to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of modern commerce

  • Powered by top-tier technological partnerships: O2’s accelerator is built with the latest tools enabling businesses to leverage their performance

  • Built for and by experienced B2B commerce experts

Composition of the Accelerator

Core Components:
  • CMS - Contentful

  • Frontend - Vue Storefront

  • PIM - Akeneo

  • Check out - commercetools

  • Search - Bloomreach

  • Merchandising - Bloomreach

  • Payments - Balance

  • System monitoring - Datadog

  • Email & automation - Klaviyo

  • Data Intelligence - Google Analytics

Added features:
  • Personalized dashboards

  • Budget tracker

  • Searchandising

  • B2B Payment with balance

  • Parts finder

  • Dynamic category view

  • Quantity-tiered discounts

  • Interactive mini-cart

  • Ability to add products into the cart via CSV import

Benefits of the solution

O2's B2B commercetools accelerator leverages pre-built components, integrations, and best practices to rapidly create a customized online composable storefront. Businesses can launch their commerce platforms faster, streamline complex processes, and provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers.

  • Rapid deployment with integrated components: pre-configured framework and tools, specifically designed to expedite the development process.

  • Adaptive & scalable B2B architecture: Our accelerator elevates these attributes, building B2B commerce solutions primed for high transaction volumes, intricate workflows and expansive product catalogs.

  • Advanced B2B capabilities: infused with advanced features tailored for the B2B realm — enjoy functionalities like tiered pricing, quoting, parts finder, fitments, comprehensive contract management, and bespoke customer catalogs.

  • MACH-powered ecosystem & premier partnerships: MACH-centric accelerator, embodying microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, and headless principles. Combined with industry-leading partners, we deliver a dynamic ecosystem technologically advanced and enriched by collective expertise.