KPS Composable Booster by KPS


Purpose of the solution

You are looking for a new platform, Commerce or DXP. We have your starting point for a future-proof channel agnostic solution (b2c/b2b/marketplace).

  • Flexible Composable MACH approach

  • Kickstart your easy and fast to start architecture template with lowest risk

  • Need for speed: Lightning fast frontend and exceptional Lighthouse scores

  • Automatic End2End Testing on the pipelines before deployment to ensure conservation of lighthouse scores and high code quality

  • Offers you the possibility to focus on your business requirements and benefits rather than on technology or architecture.

Composition of the Accelerator

The KPS Composable Booster is designed to be agnostic to support the most flexible and stable way to a MACH architecture. Never the less we are using some components to support a fast transition:

  • Commercetools eCommerce as the heart of the solution.

  • Frontend and PWA made by KPS based on React and next.js

  • Backend-for-Frontend layer using Apollo for GraphQL

  • Search supports out of the box Coveo, Fact Finder and Algolia,

  • CMS supports out of the box Magnolia, CoreMedia, Amplience and Crownpeak

  • Authorization is possible with any OAuth provider

  • Personalisation is currently in preparation

  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform offers the possibility to run on any Hyperscaler, on our KPS Operations Center or even on prem in your Datacenter.

Benefits of the solution

Readymade architecture and technical foundation, enabling your project to start immediately. It is fully executable and covers:

  • Powerful and replaceable components for Content Management, Search and Personalization

  • Designed to support your way including migration from any existing solution to Commercetools.

  • Individually developed microservice for product availability

  • High technical maturity with fully integrated cloud solutions

  • Reduces project duration by shortened enablement of developers and reusable technical setup