CoZy Commerce by ZYRES


Purpose of the Accelerator:

CoZy Commerce is the ideal solution for SME’s looking for a fully functional, ready to use shop system, rapid POC and GTM timings. The solution holds the customer experience at its core with optimized UI Libraries as well as Templates ready to be adjusted and fine-tuned. CoZy has been built for quick starters, for companies keen on having a headless backend and frontend, a blazing fast “sales-driving” search engine, a multichannel headless CMS with the best content-creator journey possible, a harmonized login process as well as all necessary functions required to succeed in the modern e-commerce landscape. All in the means of Foundry and MACH, optimized for smaller budgets and short GTM’s.

Composition of the Accelerator:

CoZy leverages the MACH and Foundry approach, integrating six core elements to provide a fully composable and adaptable platform out of the box:


1.       Backend & Frontend - The heart of CoZy is a high-performance, headless commercetools backend, paired with a dynamic frontend, forming the CoZy Commerce frontend. CoZy entails a large set of predefined components based on Tailwind CSS.

2.       Search Engine - Powered by Typesense, CoZy offers a blazing-fast search engine, further enhanced with Machine Learning models and an AI Vector search element.

3.       Content Management - A multichannel headless CMS from is seamlessly integrated, featuring an intuitive page builder for quick content creation and advanced internationalization content capabilities. Through commercetools connect an intuitive client review tool is added. 

4.       Authentication and Security - Utilizing an OpenID-connect based Single-Sign-On Solution, CoZy ensures a unified and secure login experience across various platforms.

5.       Payment Integrations - CoZy comes equipped with ready-to-use payment integrations, with a switch admins can opt for the commercetools Checkout or the PayPal and Adyen's multipayment.

6.       Interconnectivity and Flexibility - All services in CoZy are standalone but interconnected through a combination of REST and GraphQL APIs. This allows for each component to be fully interchangeable and flexibly extended.

Benefits of the Solution:

They key advantage of CoZy Commerce is its time to market. Within the shortest period possible, clients have much more than just a brief POC, they will have a fully functional e-commerce solution with an individual Design, their products, and their content. Additionally, clients have a chance to experience the renown content-creator journey enabled through the Strapi CMS, the sales-driving Search Engine as well as all the other mentioned functions for a fraction of the price usually asked for a full commercetools project. CoZy is made to evaluate the fit between commercetools and your SME business model within a matter of days. The respected MACH architecture has proven itself through its flexibility in aligning with your business needs swiftly and cost efficiently. If you choose CoZy Commerce, your e-commerce solution would quickly be ready to be taken productive after further client-centric adjustments and enhancements.

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