CoreConnect by RB2


Purpose of the solution

CoreConnect is designated for B2B and B2C companies in the mid market and enterprise, it helps those companies to create a subset of the proposed and rapid start of your composable transformation project whilst connecting to your core backend application and processes and other SaaS software in the composable ecosystem

Composition of the Accelerator

CoreConnect Accelerates your projects, connects with SaaS, backend and business software and gives you control over the entire ecosystem that you want to build and finally Evolve your roadmap and further innovation

Accelerate: headless frontend templates so you can focus on a design with predefined building blocks with a boilerplate and component library, automation by CI/CD that generates infrastructure without the use of extensive coding, uses best practice references for architectures

Connect: Connect with e-commerce applications like CMS, payments, PIM search and marketing automation, backend applications like ERP, logistics and order management and Custom business software.

Control: via a single achitecture overview dashboard with extensive logging and auditing and manage application settings like redirects.

Evolve: Manage your architecture with the digital team, optimize the entire setup of your ecosystem and create a roadmap with business relevant innovation to drive your business forward.

Benefits of the solution

Take control of your operational systems with a single dashboard overview over your architecture, with direct insight into data flows, logs, uptime and performance allow quick pinpointing and fixing of issues.

Empower marketing creativity, adapt to changing markets, Enable e-commerce managers and content marketers with user-friendly and flexible CMS and commerce engines

Replatforming: Quick to market, lower project risk Re-use best-practices and modular building blocks to quickly get up and running. Turning the conversation from an abstract conceptual one, into one around your customer’s journey.

Quality tech to ensure operational continuity

Use purposely engineered modular building blocks for your architecture, designed to facilitate operational continuity (accessibility, security, maintainability, extendability)

Future proof, innovation proof and scale-proof:

With a MACH setup we are able to deliver API first cutting edge technology that is flexible enough to adapt to new market technologies

Modular and fully documented:

Solid developer and user documentation of architecture, business logic and implementations. Both front-end and back-end are fully modular and ‘hackable’