Composable Commerce Help Desk Starter Kit by Grid Dynamics

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Purpose of the solution

The accelerator is for commercetools Customers who are looking for a modern, secure and easy to use Customer support solution. Our starter kit implements the foundational help desk capabilities following the MACH architecture best practices and takes advantages of all the experience and the successful e-commerce solutions delivered by Grid Dynamics during the years. Everything was designed and implemented to provide the best experience to the Customer Support Team and eventually to your Customers

Composition of the Accelerator

The solution is made of customs Apps created by Grid Dynamics and integrated in Freshdesk that use commercetools APIs to implement the most common Business use cases. The integration layer is designed in an extensible way based on AWS cloud services, that embraces the MACH principles and allows easy customisations of the existing functionalities, implementation of new use cases and integration of different PBCs.

Benefits of the solution

The solution brings several benefits : foundational customer support capabilities required by most of the business, UX/UI foundation, Architecture blueprints, Foundation codebase and integrations, deployment automation. In case of technologies and use cases matches the Starter Kit can speed the path to MVP release in Production up to 80%

High Level Architecture

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    • Americas EMEA