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Purpose of the solution

Ashiba provides versatile e-commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. It empowers small retailers with pre-built modules, fostering quick online expansion, and delivers customized integrations for large enterprises requiring complex digital ecosystems. Ashiba's flexible architecture effortlessly scales, enabling seamless growth transitions. Businesses will benefit from its modular design, choosing what's relevant for their needs. Ashiba combines swift deployment, cost-effective operations, and optimal performance, enabling businesses to shape a unique, robust, and responsive online presence. It bridges the gap between conventional and digital commerce, paving a smoother path towards digital transformation.

Composition of the Accelerator

Ashiba provides an advanced yet accessible framework for creating highly customizable ecommerce solutions. It has several key components, each playing a vital role in its operations.

The user-facing part of Ashiba is built with React, a popular JavaScript library used for creating fast and interactive UIs. React Native, on the other hand, is used to build the WebApp. This allows for creating native and responsive apps that provide a seamless shopping experience on both iOS and Android.

TypeScript is used across the stack to ensure safer code, catching errors before they manifest, and facilitating easier debugging and maintainability.

Ashiba also uses GraphQL as its orchestration layer. This data query language enables clients to precisely request what they need, minimizing unnecessary data transfers and increasing efficiency.

An event-driven architecture facilitates integration with SaaS solutions, making Ashiba highly adaptable and scalable. This architectural pattern, combined with Next.JS, a React framework for production-grade applications, allows Ashiba to deliver high-performance and SEO-friendly ecommerce sites.

The CI/CD pipeline built on GitHub Actions and Terraform automates software changes and deployments, ensuring swift, secure, and reliable updates. The testing process is also streamlined using Jest for JavaScript code and Cypress for end-to-end testing, enhancing the quality and reliability of Ashiba's solutions.

In summary, with its integrated stack, Ashiba provides a robust, flexible, and efficient platform for creating and managing a variety of ecommerce solutions, significantly enhancing a client's ability to offer superior customer experiences.

Benefits of the solution

Ashiba's powerful CI/CD infrastructure ensures swift and secure releases, enabling businesses to deploy updates in minutes without any downtime, considerably speeding up time to market. Its highly adaptable backend seamlessly integrates with an array of SaaS tools, fostering frictionless data interchange tailored to specific business requirements. Furthermore, Ashiba’s frontend, constructed using React, provides an intuitive starter template for commerce platforms which can be effortlessly customized to resonate with your brand. By amalgamating rapid deployment, integrated backend, and customizable frontend, Ashiba empowers both business and technical teams, paving the way for a brisk return on investment.