B2Xaccelerator by mindcurv


Purpose of the solution

The mindcurv B2Xaccelerator helps organizations reduce the effort, cost and time to market for composable commerce platforms based on commercetools. With a variety of out-of-the-box integrations for content, search, payment and more, it simplifies the composition of best-of-breed technologies for B2C & B2B to deliver an outstanding digital experience to your customers. More than 25 ready-to-use building blocks for complex and unique B2B business models extend the core capabilities of commercetools to provide a fast start and reduce risk for even the most extensive commerce projects. A composable frontend delivers an exceptional customer experience for your digital storefront.

As businesses evolve and their digital requirements grow, the B2Xaccelerator adapts to the changing needs. Whether it's integrating with third-party services, leveraging AI capabilities, or embracing emerging technologies, mindcurv’s solution ensures future-proof digital experiences that can evolve flexible alongside your business.

The B2Xaccelerator follows the MACH paradigm. It provides Microservices, designed API first, using Cloud native technologies for AWS, Azure or GCP and enables Headless architecture.

Composition of the Accelerator

The B2Xaccelerator is based on the DXC approach (digital experience composition).

With its streamlined development workflows and various integrations to surrounding systems, the B2Xaccelerator empowers teams and accelerates the go-live of a feature rich ecommerce platform.


  • AI (AzureML, OpenAI, AWS Machine Learning)

  • CMS (Amplience, Contentful, Contentstack)

  • CRM (Salesforce)

  • Data (talend)

  • ERP (SAP)

  • IDP (AWS Cognito, Azure AD)

  • Payment (Stripe)

  • Pricing/ Loyalty (Talon.One)

  • Search (Algolia)

+25 Advanced Microservice-based features and processes on top of commercetools

  • Customisable role-based permissions

  • Company & Buyer Self-registration

  • Company Self -Services like Buyer

  • Customisable (Order-) approval workflows

  • Custom catalogues

  • Company individual pricing incl. contracts

  • Request for quote

  • Rapid order creation

  • Recurring Orders

  • Pay with many options like invoice, via cost center or online payments via payment provider like Stripe

  • Dashboards

  • Cost Centers & Budgets

  • CSV Upload & Download to cart

  • (Order-)Approval Workflows

  • Order on behalf

  • Punch out

  • Subscription Orders

And more…


  • Tailwind UI/ CSS

  • React

  • Extendable with further frameworks like Vue, Angular, etc.


The B2Xaccelerator is based on a state-of-the-art Kubernetes cloud platform on...

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud Platform

…built for developer- and platform-operations teams to bootstrap and kick-start cloud native platform development. This setup enables the automation of deployment workflows. The basis for this are reference implementations of best-in-class solutions and approaches and DevSecFinOps best-practices.

Project Acceleration Assets

  • Backlog of pre-defined workflows, business processes and wireframes

  • +500 User Stories and Enablers

  • Automated API testing

  • Predefined project documentation

Benefits of the solution

Earlier ROI

  • Launch POC with ready-to-use B2B & B2C processes

  • Feature-ready Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native and Headless stack.

  • Shorten discovery/prep-phase to a few weeks with prepared backlog and wireframes.

Launch faster

  • Start development in days with process framework, requirements & running code

  • Begin continuous delivery in days with a test automation framework

  • Faster launch of feature-rich platform

  • Get started with modular business capabilities, customize and recompose where needed

  • Software changes easily incorporable

  • Reduce complexity of composable setup through predefined integrations

Reduce Risks

  • Fast deployment and setup of POC’s & MVP’s to test the scalability and flexibility of platforms and visibility of the business case.

  • The microservices provide their capabilities via REST APIs. These APIs are defined by a contract which is used to generate the data models and API controllers. The contract can be modified by business requirements in a project. All APIs are tested with automated Karate tests and a Postman collection for an easy start.


Ready-to-use features proven in various industries such as:

  • manufacturing

  • furniture

  • chemistry

  • robotics

  • building materials

  • Food wholesale

Empower your Team

  • Mature software delivery processes covering quality, security & compliance

  • Start delivery from day 1, no waiting for setup

  • Integrate surrounding solutions without impacting core platform offerings

Amplify commercetools

Harness the core capabilities of commercetools, adapted to all major B2B, B2C and marketplace use cases, including security model for user privileges, easy order workflows including upload from a file, repeat previous orders, periodic subscription, etc.

Technology empowerment

mindcurv and commercetools are part of MACH alliance, a group of digital experience experts who advocate best-of-breed Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) technologies, for next-generation digital experiences. The B2Xaccelerator uses the open, flexible and connected approach of MACH principles to ensure future-ready digital enterprises.

The B2X framework was designed from the experiences of delivering and running complex and large scale B2B platforms that turn over €3billion+ in up to 50 countries

Solution Architecture