B2B Supercharge Composable Commerce Accelerator


Purpose of the solution

Royal Cyber’s composable commerce accelerator for commercetools offers businesses the opportunity to create a more agile, customer-centric, and cost-effective e-commerce ecosystem. Integrated “Best – of – Breeds” services like Contentful, Algolia, commercetools Frontend (Frontastic), Adyen Payments with commercetools B2B2C features in composable solution approach.

1. Speed to B2B2C Market

2. Improved Customer Experience

3. Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Composition of the Accelerator

“Composable B2B Accelerator helps to speed up the commercetools B2B Experience. It can model complex business logics with the available micro accelerators. It is license-free deployment-ready and designed with MACH principles.”

1.Store front Components

2. CMS Integration

3. Commerce Engine

4. B2B Features

5. Marketplace Connector

  • 20+ API endpoints that extend commercetools capabilities

  • Comprehensive set of B2B interaction designs

  • Complete business process flows

  • Build and deployment pipelines

  • Automated unit tests

  • Cloud-first and easily scalable

Benefits of the solution

Composable B2B2C Accelerator – Benefits

1. Quick-to-implement solution with the capacity to seamlessly integrate new features.

2. Cloud-based architectures offering infinite scalability

3. Creates consumer-centric experiences in B2B with headless solution, adds new touchpoints, integrates with multiple systems, and appears on third-party marketplaces with ease.

4. Has the ability to model complex hierarchies using business units?

5. Delivers outstanding buying experiences for their customers — order and account transparency, personalized recommendations, real-time inventory updates.

6. Provides the flexibility to create modern commerce experiences at scale and the technological agility needed to increase revenue generation based on market changes

Core Benefits

  • Flexibility

  • Speed to market.

  • Scalability

  • Cost Efficiency

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Security & Compliance

  • Omni Channel Capabilities


  • Location / Region
    • APAC Americas