B2B Composer by Valantic


Purpose of the solution

valantic B2BComposer is the composable answer to ever growing B2B commerce demands based on commercetools. With B2BComposer you get a ready to use solution to start with in one day.

With valantic B2BComposer you get the perfect basic setup which meets the requirements of almost every industry. It comes with a set of prebuild B2B features based on our experience of more than 200 B2B commerce projects. On top, it comes with a prebuild storefront solution which is highly customizable, flexible and runs on a state-of-the-art technology stack.

valantic B2B composer is the perfect starting point for complex B2B commerce platforms and integrates seamlessly in your existing IT landscape to deliver compelling customer experiences.

Composition of the Accelerator

valantic B2BComposer comprises two essential components. The first part offers pre-built B2B business functionalities and processes that come ready-to-use with the composer solution. The second part encompasses the technical setup, ensuring fail-safe deployment, rapid feature implementation, scalability, and seamless system operation based on modern best practices.

B2B Business Functionalities & Requirements

Modern sales organizations demand a commerce platform that ensures a smooth and cohesive customer journey. Equipped with pre-built B2B functionalities and the flexibility to customize these features, you can introduce new capabilities faster than your competitors, staying ahead in the dynamic market landscape.

Technical Setup

The composer's technical foundation is meticulously crafted to bolster contemporary B2B business needs, where technology becomes the enabler. It boasts 100% MACH compliance, operates on a serverless infrastructure, features pre-built deployment pipelines with an End-to-End Testing suite, and aligns seamlessly with the lingua franca of the modern web: JavaScript. Furthermore, it is equipped with caching, supports third-party hosting on any hyperscaler, and integrates an Infrastructure as code setup for enhanced flexibility.

Benefits of the solution

Innovate and deliver faster

We can launch a new project for you in 24 hours. From there you can start customizing your commerce platform for your needs. With prebuild deployments and infrastructure new features are ready to use fast. On top E2E testing capabilities ensures quality of implementations.

B2B features ready to use

We implemented a set of curated B2B features ready to be used out of the box. Email Service, CMS, Search Service, OCI/Ariba, buying organizations, customer specific pricing, company hierarchy management …. just to name a few.

Ready to use headless front-end solution

Valantic B2BComposer comes with a prebuild front-end based on ReactJS. It is easy to adapt and to extend.

State-of-the-art technology & architecture

valantic B2BComposer is a 100% MACH compliant solution and runs AWS serverless technology. It’s based on a Typescript-first approach using NestJS – a proven framework.


You want to use your own storefront solutions because you don’t like ReactJS? No problem with B2BComposer. It is built with flexibility in mind and compatible with any headless storefront solution.

Scale your delivery

We love to develop projects together with our clients. With our in-house academy we will onboard your tech team within a couple of weeks.

Sustainable IT

Green IT by design. Valantic B2BComposer runs completely serverless based on AWS Lambda and only consumes resources when needed.


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