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As a market leader Worldpay from FIS understand what it takes to succeed in eCommerce and provide best-in-class, cutting edge solutions to fit your needs now, and in the future. We work with you to identify opportunities to streamline your business and grow revenue with higher acceptance rates, and lower operating costs. By helping you understand consumer buying habits and offering solutions that align to those needs, Worldpay helps you enhance the consumer experience, drive increased cart value and extend your reach. Smarter payments, that’s our goal to help you succeed.
The official commercetools extension, supported by Worldpay from FIS, offers a variety of payment features to help optimize your eCommerce business. Offering all major credit cards and access to 145+ countries enables you to process globally, immediately. With our built-in fraud management tools, we help detect and prevent online fraud, we are working 24/7/365 to seamlessly protect your revenue.
Account and Pricing
A Worldpay Account is required to utilize our commercetools extension and start processing payments. We offer bespoke pricing to accommodate your business goals and needs.
Contact us today to start accepting payments through Worldpay on commercetools.

Main Features

Maximize Global Acceptance:

Accept payments anywhere, any way, around the world 

  • Global AcquiringWith access to 145+ markets and 126 currencies, our solutions cover all your sales channels domestically and abroad 

  • Major Credit Card Schemes: Visa, Mastercard 

Convert Sales & Save:

Increase revenue with higher authorization rates and lowest costs 

  • Hosted Payment Page

Protect your Revenue: 

Keep more revenue with leading-edge security and fraud tools 

  • 3DS Flex

  • FraudSight 

  • Risk Management Module

Description of the Integration

The Worldpay commercetools extension provides a drop-in module with cloud native support for the following use cases:

  • Worldpay Hosted Payment Pages (PCI DSS compliant)

  • Payment Authorisation, Authentication and Capture

  • Payment Status Notification updates and handling of Payment, Cancel and Refund flows in a commerecetools context

  • 3DS Flex for PSD2 compliance

  • Risk Management Module integration

  • FraudSight screening integration

In addition, the module source code repository provides:

  • Infrastructure-as-code cloud deployment templates for easy provisioning

  • A suite of unit and integration test components

The commercetools Sunrise SPA repository has also been forked and extended to add:

  • Sample payment creation / checkout flow

  • Reference React UI Components using the Worldpay JavaScript SDK and the recommended iframe Hosted Payment Pages approach

The integration approach leverages commercetools' API extension pattern to register and transform payment create/update API calls via the Connector module between commercetools and the Worldpay payment gateway. The Connector has modules for handling both the synchronous payment request invocations and asynchronous payment status notifications from Worldpay back to commercetools.

The connector is designed to be configurable and easily extensible. It is composed of Node.js applications that can be deployed either cloud natively as serverless functions in AWS or other public clouds, or on any infrastructure via Docker containers.