Vue Storefront

Mobile-first Headless Front-End for commercetools
Vue Storefront


Vue Storefront is a Headless Progressive Web App for eCommerce. Our Front-End combines the UX of a native app with the benefits of the mobile page. Stores with PWA run smoothly, both as a web page and native app.

Main Features

Modern Front-End

A mobile-first approach to UX makes shopping easier and more enjoyable. Sites work at blazing speed and are available anytime. Beautiful, on-demand eCommerce

Open Source

Not limited by any company, supported by the community of more than 200 contributors and the best tech stack

Headless & API First

Connects to any eCommerce backend and full flexibility to add 3rd party software.

Description of the Integration

This integration gives you a fully-functional headless Progressive Web App based on the most popular eCommerce frontend framework - Vue Storefront.

The shop will be connected to your commercetools instance and covers all standard features of commercetools. Under the hood, Vue Storefront is using Nuxt.js that provides best-in-class Server-Side-Rendering experience great performance and hundreds of ready to use community modules.