API-first Promotion Engine for Digital Teams
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Create flexible digital promotions while saving margins by using a set of powerful APIs.
  • Build advanced promotion scenarios with unique promo codes, dynamic discounts, multi-tiered referral programs, custom membership programs, attractive gift cards, and plenty more. All within one tool.

  • Use granular segmentation filters, time limits, and custom usage restrictions to target any audience and protect the campaign budget.

  • Learn credible insights about the ROI you are getting and how your campaigns are affecting shoppers.

  • Limit the involvement of the development team every step of the way. Integrate once and let the marketing team take over control.

Supports omnichannel commerce and plenty of touchpoints and devices thanks to headless architecture.

Description of the Integration

Voucherify and commercetools integration is based on the API Extension. Here is how this process works at a glance:

  • At checkout, commercetools fetches Voucherify API to validate and redeem the promo code (or another incentive).

  • Voucherify returns the result and applies the discount to the order.

  • Once the order is paid, the code is redeemed and commercetools order and customer data are synced with Voucherify.

Our plugin is open source which means that it is easily extendable – your team can quickly build custom functionalities on top of it. Being a MACH tool, Voucherify API is built with a developer-first approach, allowing you to adjust the tool to your unique business needs, not the other way around.