The integration between Commercetools and Virtualstock enables smooth and automated sharing of order and delivery status updates, as well as stock updates, between the retailer and their dropship suppliers.

Product Description

The plug-in significantly reduces the onboarding time; and removes any development requirements for a retailer on Commercetools.

Virtualstock, Europe’s leading dropshipping and curated marketplace SaaS platform, facilitated $1.7 billion in sales through its platform in 2023. The cloud-based platform enables blue-chip retailers to establish a one-to-many connection with their suppliers, ensuring visibility across the supply chain, including stock availability, order status, and delivery updates. With over a decade of expertise, Virtualstock empowers organisations to significantly increase online sales revenue, reduce operational costs, and deliver an improved customer experience through tailored and customer-centric dropship solutions.

Integration Description

The plug-in enables copies of orders created on Commercetools to be sent to dropship suppliers on Virtualstock via the Virtualstock REST API. This maps the Commercetools order data to Virtualstock’s order data, enabling automated and seamless sharing of order and delivery status and stock updates between a retailer and their dropship suppliers. This automation helps to reduce human errors, improve operational efficiencies, and ultimately speeds up both the fulfilment and shipping process.

Integration Sequence