With Vamp you can experiment with functionality through A/B testing/Canary Releasing and become more successful in releasing new functionality to your customers.
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Vamp is an intelligent release orchestration platform that ensures your e-commerce business is always protected. Whether you set Vamp to continuously releases new features or updates to customers, or to scan your system for failing software and automatically correct it, Vamp provides an intelligent automated safety net that ensures your system is online, without the need for human intervention.
  • What can Vamp do for you?

  • Continuously, safely release new changes to customers day or night

  • Protect your current software in production with automated rollback

  • Cut testing and accepting cycles to outpace competitors

  • A/B testing: always see the business impact of new and current software in production

  • Gives product owners real-time control over releasing

  • Gives dev instant feedback on how code behaves on real production traffic

  • Automate releases across tenants, brands or multiple versions of your website

How it works

The release of functionality is performed in controlled incremental steps based on release plans (crafted in the Vamp UI) that embody the Service Level Objectives (SLOs) that are important to your business and technical goals. A new functional piece of code is released in steps based on percentage of users, geo location, device or other parameters relevant to you. Vamp then automates the release of new code in production environments in a save and secure way. When things go wrong, Vamp performs an automated rollback to ensure your services are always online.

Description of the Integration

We enable deployments of Commercetools headless code to be released in stages and with direct feedback from the target audience, as well as that our Machine learning engine rolls back faulty or non-performing releases. CommerceTools metrics and other technical metrics platforms like DataDog, NewRelic and business metrics like Google Analytics are integrated into the Vamp engine and are used for real time decisions in production regarding staged software release or zero downtime roll backs.