Universal Commerce Suite

Universal Commerce rapidly brings together best-of-breed MACH & API platforms into a nimble and flexible composable commerce application for a unified digital commerce business solution.


The Universal Commerce Suite are a set of pre-integrated, extensible and flexible business solutions designed to support a range of business models
The Universal Commerce Suite levels offered are:
  • UCS Silver: Supports Core Commerce functionality for B2C, B2B and D2C companies planning to improve their ecommerce strategy and explore new channels.

  • UCS Gold: Provides rich omni-channel capability for brands wanting to offer complex fulfilment options. Best option for enterprises.

  • UCS Platinum: Incorporates seller management, onboarding and multi-seller catalog capabilities the development of online marketplaces.

Description of the Integration

Universal Commerce has pre-built integrations to applications like CMS, Search, OMS, Shipping, Tax and Payment gateways. This helps to accelerate the implementation and on-boarding of applications for customers.

  1. The Universal Commerce layer can work as an extension framework, Connector Hub for commercetools.

  2. This enables access to the prebuilt integrations to commercetools ecosystem and required 3rd party applications to connect using a common framework.

  3. The decoupled architecture with microservices and API abstraction makes for easy maintenance and API version upgrades in commercetools or other 3rd party applications.

  4. The integrations will follow a hub and spoke architecture that allows reusability and two-way communication between commercetools and 3rd party applications.