Umbraco CMS Integration

Flexible CMS - do and manage your content your way


Flexible CMS - do and manage your content your way
Our main goal with Umbraco is to give you a platform where you have the freedom to do and manage things your way. Every project has different needs and requirements and instead of packing a system with options and buttons that may or may not be relevant for you, we’ve kept it neat and open.
Intuitive editing experience
How do you make sure your website or digital project stays alive, relevant and updated? Simply by making it a breeze for your content editor to work with it. Sounds obvious, right? But so many forget this very important aspect. We haven’t.
In Umbraco we’ve added features to help get the breeze going. This way you can be sure that your content - whether it’s text, photos or videos - gets updated frequently and gets presented exactly the way you’ve intended, no matter what device your visitors are on.

Description of the Integration

The data from a CommerceTools installation is integrated with the Umbraco backoffice via a custom property editor, which allows a developer to create a field on a document type for content editors to use. The editor can select one or more products or categories from CommerceTools, associating them with an Umbraco content item. When the page or other result such as an API response is served from Umbraco, a property value converter is used to create a strongly typed model for the product or category item or collection. This can then be used in page templates to render the related information, such as names, descriptions, images, availability and prices.