TrustElevate is an age verification, including children, and parental consent API


Child Age Verification & Parental Consent Provider
TrustElevate is in closed Beta mode and is accepting customers
Selling age-rated products or services, enabling children to purchase items using bank-to-bank transactions, collecting data for marketing purposes or processing data to profile users? If so, your business needs to comply with a raft of regulations, including but not limited to:
  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • Payment Services Directive

  • ePrivacy regulation

  • Audiovisual Media Services Directive

TrustElevate is the only secure, accurate and privacy-preserving provider of age verification of all age-groups, including <18s. We also verify an assertion of parental responsibility for a child or young person (<16) so that a verified parent can, on behalf of their child, consent to marketing, data processing and purchases.
Our solution has been developed as a plug-and-play business solution for digital businesses. We facilitate verification across all age-bands and throughout the customer lifecycle, all within one trusted platform.
TrustElevate enables digital service providers to enhance family propositions, boost customer acquisition/retention and establish brand loyalty. Such enhancement can lead to a diversification of product offerings that can create cross and upsell opportunities, yielding increased revenue streams and a return on investment.

Description of the Integration

The integration is built as an API Extension for the Commercetools API and deployed as an AWS Lambda function. The extension fully respects the required API contract and performance requirements. To work properly, the API extension should be registered via the Extension API with next triggers: customer create/update events and order create/update.

Age Verification Flow:

New customers can be created within the registration process. On new customer request - the Commercetools API will call the TrustElevate API extension and send the customer data. If there is not enough customer data to initiate age verification, then TrustElevate returns an error response. If there is enough customer data, then TrustElevate makes the age verification and based on results returns a response. If verification fails, it returns a detailed error message. Otherwise, an empty success response is sent. The request processing is a synchronous operation.

Depending on the birth date provided by the customer, they may be required to have different additional fields for the age verification. The API Extension will return a detailed error message detailing what fields are required. Every customer should successfully pass the age verification check only once to be allowed perform age restricted operations/purchases on the merchant platform.

Purchase Flow:

When the customer has been identified as a child (age <= 16), then parental approval is required for the age restricted operation/purchase. Usually, before the actual payment is processed, the customer creates the order. The order information will be send to the TrustElevate API Extension before a notification is sent to the parents. When the parent performs an action to signal that they have approved/denied the order then it can be paid/rejected. Moreover, the merchant can be notified on provided URL about whether the order has been approved/denied.

For adults, transactions do not require any validation/verification.