Threekit 3D Configuration and Augmented Reality for commercetools

Threekit lets customers configure and customize your products in amazing 3D and augmented reality.
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Threekit unifies 3D configuration, photorealistic 2D images with Virtual Photographer, and Augmented Reality (AR) so your customers can easily spin, view, build, and customize your products to their specifications in real-time.
Threekit makes product visualization easy. Once your products are loaded into the platform, we do the heavy lifting—rendering images, deploying AR, and keeping your visuals accessible and organized on our content management system; all with the highest quality of 3D/AR technology on the market.
Whether you work with complex products like medical devices or more simple pieces like clothing, Threekit makes it easy to enhance your customer experience by providing them with real-time modifications to both product and price simultaneously.

Description of the Integration

Threekit for commercetools enables 3D and AR product experiences for any commercetools store-front.

The package (1) extends the commercetools product schema to allow administrators to administer their Threekit experiences from the commercetools backend; (2) connects commercetools attributes to their Threekit experience; and (3) simplifies authentication & token management.

The package also comes paired with a working code example showing how Threekit can be embedded into the commercetools Sunrise demo app.