Tecsys Inc.

Tecsys’ Omni™ OMS can integrate with commercetools and help you effectively advance your omnichannel strategy.

Product Description

Designed for the future of omnichannel, Tecsys’ Omni™ OMS gives retailers the flexibility to

optimize its omnichannel tech stack with a flexible platform for every use case, tech stack and

business model. Tecsys’ Omni™ OMS offers multiple options for retailers looking to enhance

their omnichannel tech stack. These include:

• A complete out-of-the-box OMS designed for frictionless commerce where

advanced features like true real-time inventory visibility are included within a

highly configurable system.

• Headless architecture built on a robust API ecosystem that can integrate to a

retailer’s existing front-end systems and enable new sales channels, including

traditional and modern marketplaces.

• An optimized front-end that enables high-touch customer service management

and efficient store fulfillment within an intuitive and device-agnostic

environment that can be integrated with existing systems.

The pace of omnichannel commerce is increasing and so is the cost of doing business. Tecsys’

Omni™ OMS is designed to help retailers provide an enterprise-level frictionless commerce

experience, with a fast ROI and ownership of their future omnichannel capabilities.

Integration Description

The Inventory Pool Group Export Full/Update Export is an interface that exports the available to sell inventory from Tecsys’ Order Management System to commercetools using commercetools’ Open Commerce APIs.

The Tecsys Order Management System is the master system for the available to sell inventory calculation because it directly controls inventory adjustment operations, such as order allocation, fulfillment, invoicing and returns.

In Tecsys’ Order Management System, there are scheduled processes that run on a configurable basis, which call the commercetools APIs to update the available to sell inventory in commercetools.

These processes ensure that the accurate available to sell inventory is posted to commerctools from Tecsys’ Order Management System and promotes a better end-customer experience.Typical use cases: Inventory Availability, Available to Promise Dates, Intelligent Routing, Checkout Selections.

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