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Create flexible and powerful sales promotions, customer acquisition, and customer retention programs without taking up your developer's valuable time
  • Create promotional campaigns based on CouponsDiscountsGift CardsLoyaltyReferralsGeo-fencing, and Product Bundling

  • Entice new customers, build preferential user habits, maximize revenue, reduce customer churn, reduce lost revenue from events like cart abandonment

  • Suitable for non-technical users

  • No need to get Developers involved with every change or new campaign creation

  • Multi-channel compatible: Websites, Mobile Apps and Point of Sale Software

Description of the Integration

Our API first approach means syncing Talon.One with Commerce Tools is easy. The integration makes it simple to send cart-level data from Commerce Tools to Talon.One’s Promotion Engine. Talon.One will then run your active campaigns and return a list of promotions that will automatically update the cart. Additional promotions outside the scope of cart modification can also be applied e.g. add loyalty points, redeem a coupon, validate a referral etc.