Storyblok is the only content management system that empowers both developers and content teams to create better content experiences across all digital channels.
  1. For Developers: Empower developers to build anything with Storyblok’s headless component based architecture. Integrate with everything and publish everywhere. Storyblok is the last CMS you'll ever need.

  2. For Content Teams: Enable content teams to create and manage content intuitively and independently through a visual editing experience, custom collaboration workflows, and a world class digital asset manager.

  3. For Audiences: Enhance digital experiences with blazing fast performance, optimized omni-channel storytelling, A/B testing, robust personalization, localization and much more.

Integration Description

  • The Storyblok eCommerce Extension for commercetools is a plugin that allows Storyblok users to reference products and categories within the eCommerce platform.
  • With Storyblok’s eCommerce integration you can easily build performant storefronts with your favorite technology, be it a website or a mobile app, without being constrained by the limitations of more traditional eCommerce systems.
  • The Storyblok commercetools integration gives eCommerce owners the ability to insert, edit, or delete products, manage their images, videos, and general information, all through an interface that is within everyone's reach.