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Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform instantly recognizes the ‘who’ behind every transaction, enabling merchants to protect revenue, reduce friction, and grow fearlessly.
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Signifyd’s commercetools connector ensures that Signifyd is quickly accessible to merchants who would benefit from Signifyd’s commerce protection services, such as Fraud prevention, dynamic exemption management and complete chargeback protection.

Product Description

The Signifyd Commerce Protection Platform addresses fraud challenges at pivotal conversion points across the ecommerce shopper’s journey from account login to return request. The global platform provides local solutions, such as Transaction Risk Analyis and Exemption Management in the EEA to mitigate SCA-induced friction. By eliminating fraud and abuse throughout the funnel, Signifyd allows merchants to protect revenue, trust customers, and grow fearlessly.   

As the foundation of the Commerce Protection Platform, Signifyd’s Commerce Network unites identity and intent data from merchants across the globe with PSP data, issuer insights and a merchant’s own consumer data. Signifyd then leverages machine learning (ML) capabilities to surface actionable commerce insights for merchants and improve the accuracy of fraud detection. 

The resulting insights power seven core commerce protection products:

  • Account Protection

  • Auth Rate Optimization

  • Dynamic Exemption Management  for the EMEA region

  • Complete Chargeback Protection

  • Chargeback Recovery

  • Return Abuse Prevention

  • Guaranteed Fraud Protection for the US region


  • Protect revenue - Shopper knowledge is power. Signifyd helps merchants approve 5- 9%more orders on average.
  • Trust customers - Merchants harness our global Commerce Network to create seamless customer experiences while eliminating fraud and abuse.
  • Grow fearlessly - Signifyd’s 100% financial guarantee against fraud and abuse gives merchants the confidence to automate payments at scale.

Integration Description

With Signifyd’s commercetools connector, you can easily access Signifyd’s commerce protection services. The integration enables you to access the below use cases.
  1. Pre-Auth - Signifyd fraud screens an order pre-payment authorization and allows you to block Signifyd declined orders at checkout and only send Signifyd approved orders to the payment gateway for payment authorization. This ensures you only send cleaner traffic to your payment provider, improving your conversion rate.

  2. Post-Auth - Signifyd fraud screens an order once the payment authorization is complete, allowing you to fulfil only those orders that were guaranteed approved by Signifyd and stop/review orders declined by Signifyd.

  3. PSD2 and SCA exemption - Signifyd performs transaction risk analysis (TRA) and identifies if an order qualifies for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) exemption for European merchants, reducing unnecessary friction on checkout and improving the conversion rate.

commercetools’ customers can choose to either self-host or make use of cloud provider services, such as serverless functions, to host Signifyd’s commercetools connector. To use the connector, you will need to have a commercetools project, and a Signifyd-provided API key.