Identity Verification SheerID

Verify, Acquire, Personalize and Engage


SheerID is an global identity verification service that instantly confirms individuals eligibility as part of specific member communities such as students, teachers, first responders and the military.  SheerID allows merchants to utilize the service with acquisition offers, dynamic personalization and merchandising activities, and integrate simply with other 3rd party services for optimum flexibility.

Integration Description

  1. We provide source code examples for a data bridge connector and documentation about how to implement SheerID front-end into your store. 

  2. Handle the full customer verification journey, using REST API or light JavaScript iframe snippets. Examples of form publishing use cases include using embedded iframe or a stand-alone landing page.

  3. The bridge connector is a webhook handler that listens for success webhook events and securely fetches verified customer data, enabling you to 

  • give out a discount code to the customer and/or 

  • personalize the site experience and/or 

  • push the verified data into a destination of your choice, such as a CRM or CDP platform.

SheerID’s verification service provides

  • Real-time, synchronous verification with automatic scalability with greater than 99.9% uptime for all APIs and web forms.
  • GDPR, California Privacy Act, and SOC2 compliance for handling of collected consumer data.
  • Advanced fraud protection to protect verifications against promotion abuse.