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Retail Media is the fastest growing segment of digital advertising and allows retailers to untap an additional high margin revenue stream from media budgets of brands by selling advertising within the commerce experience.

retailmediatools provides an API-first platform that enables retailers to launch and run their own end-to-end retail media program by selling advertising solutions such as sponsored products, display ads or personalized offers to their suppliers in a fully automated way.

retailmediatools offers the full spectrum of tools you need for Retail Media: Ad Serving, Ad Ranking, Personalization, Campaign Management, Audience Building, Tracking, Reporting, Self-Service Frontend and much more. Due to the flexibility and modularity of the APIs, it allows retailers to extend existing capabilities or launch a full Retail Media platform from scratch within weeks and a fraction of cost compared to inhouse developed solutions.

Integration Description

While our APIs make it easy to integrate with retailmediatools anyway, we now make it even easier to integrate with Commercetools. With our integration toolkit you will save days of integration work for your developers. Use the power of two API first platforms and just give your permission to send data across.

‍The RMT integration toolkit is an open source component (based on TypeScript) that you need to install and run on your preferred environment. With some simple configuration settings, it will automatically send the full product catalog from Commercetools to retailmediatools every time it runs.

You will need the following to configure the integration toolkit:

  • A retailmediatools project with a catalog where you want to push the products regularly (we will provide all API credentials)

  • A commercetools account with API credentials that have view permission for all products and categories

  • On-premise or cloud environment to deploy and run the toolkit on a schedule (eg. once a night)

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