Payment made easy with Planet. Numerous payment methods, acquirers, and currencies for your projects. A state-of-the-art UX for online payments!
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Need a modern approach for your online payments? Look no further. With Planet's connector, your commercetools projects will get instant access to dozens of payment methods, acquirers, and currencies. Offer your customers a state-of-the-art user experience for online payments.
Planet provides integrated software, payment, and technology solutions for its customers and partners, helping them unlock the benefits of a more connected and digital world. As a leading payment service provider, Planet processes millions of transactions daily through various payment gateways. Planet serves global players including Accor, Bulgari, Hermès, Kering, and Lufthansa Group.

Main Features

  • All the payment methods you need: The connector should work with any payment method that can be processed via our gateway, including debit and credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and more.

  • Redirect & Lightbox: Redirect your customer's payments to our hosted payment pages or show our payment forms as an overlay (Lighbox) and take advantage of the integration we provide to third-party providers through our gateway.

  • 3D Secure 2.0: The connector automatically lets you profit from the latest authentication mechanisms supported by Planet, including the enhanced version protocol 3D Secure 2.0.

  • Tokenization Service: Save your loyal customers' payment information securely and in a PCI-compliant way in the background as a token (aka alias) to make follow-up purchases or one-click checkouts available.

  • Data updated automatically in commercetools: You won't need to do manual actions - the connector picks up important payment information and adds it automatically to commercetools objects.

Description of the Integration

The Planet connector will save your developers days of integration effort. Focus on your expertise, and let us guide you on how to best implement Planet payments in commercetools.

The connector consists of a commercetools API extension and hosted lambda functions interacting with Planet. Your frontend will solely communicate with Planet by writing and reading from/to commercetools objects. When data is passed in these objects, our API extension intercepts the data and calls the relevant Planet APIs. In addition, synchronous and asynchronous response data is received by the connector and written to commercetools objects to be consumed by your frontend.

Wanna read more? Access our GitHub repository and get started!