Automated order operations solutions for omnichannel ecommerce businesses that eliminate 1000s of hours of manual work and reduce order processing errors by more than 90%.

Product Description

Pipe17 aligns your selling channels, fulfillment centers, and back-office applications like ERPs so they all work together to process orders efficiently and keep your sources of truth accurate. Ecommerce businesses—from brands and merchants to fulfillment providers and SaaS vendors—reduce fulfillment costs >25%, improve click-to-delivery time >50%, and decrease customer complaints >20% with Pipe17.

Avoid Long Integration Projects

Purpose-built for ecommerce, Pipe17 is 10x faster to implement, 10x cheaper to maintain, and 10x more flexible than integration platforms or order management systems. Avoid long and costly integration and customization projects.

Integrate Faster and Smarter

Connect your 3PLs, 4PLs, warehouse management systems, DTC and B2B marketplaces, returns management systems, and back-office applications like data lakes and ERPs to commercetools—in minutes.

Make Your Sources-of-Truth Accurate

Bi-directionally sync dozens of commerce data types including orders, fulfillments, inventory, products, returns, and more between commercetools and your ERP.

Automate Order to Fulfillment Processing

Dynamically hold, split, and route orders from commercetools to the optimal fulfillment destination based on your business priorities. and receive tracking numbers and fulfillment updates back in commercetools.

Keep Product Catalogs In Sync

Sync product catalog, new products, and product updates from commercetools to your ERP, or from your ERP to commercetools.

Update Inventory Availability in Real-Time

Refresh inventory availability in commercetools in real-time when an order—from any source—ships, when new stock is received, or when purchase orders are in transit to warehouses.

Automate Internal Returns Workflows

Automatically create, update, and credit returns based on your returns management system configuration across your ERP, warehouse, and commercetools.

Operate Hands-Off and Reduce Errors

Intervene only when necessary with continuous order lifecycle monitoring and fix any errors before they impact customer service and satisfaction with real-time exception notifications.

Grow, Optimize and Scale Effortlessly

Expand channels and change providers at will without any operational bottlenecks by adding, swapping, or removing connectors and flows. Improve operational efficiency and maintain alignment with evolving business priorities by fine-tuning engine rules and logic.

Integration Description


Connectivity / Integration

  • commercetools <> ERP

  • commercetools <> data lake

  • commercetools <> 3PLs/4PLs (1 or many)

  • commercetools <> WMS (1 or many)

  • commercetools <> DTC or B2B marketplaces (1 or many)

  • commercetools <> returns management system

  • commercetools <> custom apps or complex configurations (1 or many)

Automated Order Operations

  • Order-to-fulfillment routing and splitting

  • Omnichannel inventory management

  • Exception management and alerts

  • SKU management and product kits and bundles

  • Channel-specific order holds

  • Cross-channel shipping method mapping

  • Event tracking, logging, and history


Pipe17 is a cloud-native, composable order operations layer that works perfectly with commercetools and the rest of your selling, fulfillment and back-office apps. Our modern headless architecture delivers the flexibility and agility that today’s ecommerce landscape demands. Say goodbye to the rigid, monolithic ecommerce systems of the past. Open and cloud-native, Pipe17 delivers the freedom to select best-of-breed solutions while protecting your existing technology investments.

This integration maps commercetools entities to the unified commerce data model that underpins Pipe17’s API-first and hub-and-spoke architecture. Unlike point-to-point integrations, the Pipe17 commercetools integration enables 1:1000+ connectivity between commercetools and all your other selling channels, fulfillment centers, and back-office applications like ERPs. Custom or complex integration requirements are a breeze with Pipe17’s custom mapping engine that runs both inbound and outbound at the edge. Pipe17 fits perfectly into commercetools based headless ecommerce architectures, with open APIs for all Pipe17 flows, engines, and end-points system wide.