Pimcore Connector by Hamari Agency

A no code integration allowing seamless, scalable and extensible data synchronization between Pimcore and Commercetools.


Strengthen your omnichannel strategy by gathering and managing high-quality data across multiple touchpoints with Pimcore. Connect your product information management system to the world's leading commerce solution built MACH principles (Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless), allowing you to work with, not around, your commerce solution.

Main Features

●      Advanced omnichannel catalog management capabilities

●      Effective multi-channel delivery

●      Extensive set of options for connectivity and integration via Data Hub

●      Seamless onboarding of suppliers’ product data

●      Secure sharing of product information with key stakeholders via the product experience portal

●      Master Data Management and Data Governance Capabilities

●      Open-source Digital Asset Management (DAM)

●      Customer Data Platform (CDP)

●      Flexible Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

●      Open and scalable platform

●      Cloud and On-prem deployment Options

Integration Description

The integration plugin consists of two components: a php package is installed on Pimcore, and the other is hosted directly on commercetools. The installation process for the Pimcore component involves using a composer command, while the cloud component is maintained on commercetools and should not require any user intervention.

The Pimcore side of the plugin provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to configure the plugin according to their specific requirements. This configuration includes selecting the desired data, locales, and the target commercetools store for synchronization. The entire configuration process is driven by a graphical user interface (UI), empowering users and administrators to tailor the integration to their exact expectations.

To ensure secure communication, the plugin utilizes REST API for communication between the Pimcore side and the middleware, as well as between the middleware and commercetools. This approach follows industry standards, employing HTTPS for secure data transmission and incorporating security tokens, such as the Product Key, to authenticate and authorize the communication channels.

By leveraging REST API and adhering to industry best practices for secure communication, the integration plugin establishes a robust and reliable connection between Pimcore and commercetools, enabling the seamless synchronization of data while prioritizing the protection of sensitive information.

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