Perfection is a nimble Digital Experience Composition tool enhancing business user productivity and fostering collaboration. It empowers teams with design control, reducing dependency on developers and facilitating a more dynamic and efficient workflow in managing web page designs.

Product Description

Perfection’s solution for commercetools enhances creativity, agility, productivity and satisfaction

by empowering business users to take charge of the frontend presentation, respond proactively

to market changes, and deliver more engaging user experiences with minimal time-to-web. The

tool facilitate collaboration, streamline content management processes, help users improve

content quality, and optimize content production workflows while minimizing dependencies on

developers for design changes. Perfection not only boosts productivity, but also allows your team

to move faster and deliver websites with exceptional quality.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get with Perfection:

> Unified Control: Perfection turns your website’s preview environment into a centralized hub for

all data management tasks while enabling business users to tailor front-end experiences precisely.

Rather than learning the user interface of yet another application, Perfection overlays the website

with which they are already familiar with intuitive features for all relevant functions.

> Enhanced Autonomy: With Perfection, business users can make immediate guardrailed layout

and styling changes, fostering a more dynamic approach to controlling presentation without

constant developer involvement.

> Streamlined Workflows: Perfection simplifies navigation through any of your data source

systems (CMS, commercetools, or otherwise). Enabling users to more efficiently locate and modify

data in any source system improves operational flow and enhances productivity.

Collaborative Efficiency: By facilitating collaboration directly within the website as the user

interface, Perfection optimizes communication between teams. This reduces email clutter and

improves project and task clarity and execution, making the workflow more streamlined and


> Flexible Integration: Perfection’s architecture works consistently and seamlessly with any back-

end systems, allowing users to style websites consistently regardless of the data sources in use.

Integration Description

Perfection is a lightweight digital experience composition tool specifically engineered to minimize

dependencies on developers for frontend presentation modifications. The tool is a game-changer

for commercetools users, easy to implement and fast to set up.

This means a number of use cases are supported ranging from making small tweaks to existing

web content from commercetools or other backend systems through to styling across multiple

data sources and webpage creation.

Perfection’s JavaScript runs only in your preview environment. You add specific data attributes to

your markup that enable users to navigate directly to records in the underlying source systems. If

you use our styling tools, you use our runtime APIs to design the experience in production. You

can, however, be 100% independent of our services in production using our webhooks and a local

storage of your own choice.

Our software uses configuration files with relevant dimensions from your brand and design

guidelines to empower business users to set styling options on components and layout settings

on webpage sections. It is entirely up to you, which styling options are available to the business


The collaboration feature comes out of the box and can be used to collaborate in the context of

the webpage in your preview environment with any other registered Perfection users.

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