PayPal Braintree

The end-to-end payment platform built for growth. Deliver seamless checkout experiences with proven and connected solutions.

Product Description

Accept preferred payment methods

Offer all the ways your customers want to pay, including debit and credit cards, digital wallets, PayPal Pay Later and local payment methods.

Optimize payments

Approve more orders with tools that accelerate revenue, including Account Updater, Network Tokenization, and Smart Retries to increase conversion, minimize costs, and reduce latency.

Manage risk

We help you protect your business with an integrated and customizable suite of fraud tools, including risk services like Fraud Protection and Dispute Automation.

Orchestration made simple

Work with multiple payment providers, acquirers, and banks to optimize your customer experience.

Secure credential storage

Vault your customer's payment info to reduce friction for return shoppers and enable subscriptions.


Payment Methods

This connector supports the following payment methods:

- Credit cards
- PayPal
- PayPal Pay Later
- PayPal Vault
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
- Venmo
- local payment methods: BLIK, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, MyBank, P24
- Package Tracking


- capture (partial / full)
- refund
- vaulting

Description of the Integration

The Braintree Client is developed for the commercetools backend environment and is compatible with the commercetools Frontend as wells as other JS Frontends.

To use the Braintree integration in your commercetools environment, you should implement the “Braintree commercetools Connector” and “Braintree commercetools Client”.

The Braintree commercetools Connector allows you to integrate with Braintree in your commercetools platform.

This Connector includes three different applications, and each application covers a different role in using Braintree with commercetools:

- Extension App
- Notifications App
- commercetools Events App

The Extension App mainly focuses on updates for Braintree's payment and customer types and returns the responses in the custom fields based on each entity.

In addition, this application handles after-sale processes and vaulting transactions.

The Notification App receives and processes different webhooks for each transaction from Braintree. This is mainly intended for Local Payment Methods.

The commercetools Events App also gets and processes all events which are related to customers and payments.

Finally, “Braintree commercetools Client” is a JavaScript package that you can install from the NPM repository and then use it in your frontend, for example in the commercetools Frontend.

You will find more information about the integration in the documentation.